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Pros and Cons of NBA Live Mobile

nba live featured

EA Sports released its first mobile installment of the popular game franchise through NBA Live Mobile. From the moment of its release, it has gained popular acceptance and traction in the gaming world. Still, there are those who want to see more from the game.

This article will provide the latest gamer feedbacks on the pros and cons of NBA Live Mobile.

The Cons

Simplistic Control

Console gamers know that there are several combinations of buttons that can give more complex moves such as shot fakes, pump fakes, euro-step and up-and-under moves. Unfortunately, the mobile version has limited buttons and cannot perform these complex moves.

Occasional Lags

Occasional lags occur when playing the game, especially for people with phones just a little over the minimum requirement. However, lags still occur on phones under the recommended specifications, especially during online play.

In-Game Purchases

The free mobile game is turning heads because for a popular game, it is available for free on the app store. However, it is expected that the game will have in-game purchases to unlock features or have bonuses. This comes as a disappointment for people who are expecting an all-access NBA mobile game. However you do not need to struggle on this one. The NBA Live mobile hack got you covered. It can provide you unlimited cash and coins for your account. Access it and generate as much coins and cash you want!

Unbalanced Card farming

The card farming feature is also proving to be a chore for some people. This is because card packages have a slim chance of containing NBA stars or legends. Thus, gamers have to play and earn coins regularly to get their most coveted NBA stars.

The Pros

Game Gets Better with Updates

From the first launch of the game compared to the status of the game today, it has improved on almost every feature. The graphics has significantly improved by providing more detail to the NBA players. The controls have been revamped to give better fluidity of motion and playability to the game. Several display features have also been modified to emulate the current NBA.

No Need to Spend Money

While some people complain that the in-game purchases are ruining the game, some loyal fans, who are avid gamers themselves, say that there is no need to spend real money to get the most out of the game. Real money can only help in getting several bonuses such as increased chances to get NBA stars, but these bonuses can be obtained otherwise.

Controls Are Fluid

The game updates have continuously improved the controls of the game by providing room for button combinations for a better gaming experience. Supporters of the game look forward to having more buttons to do complex moves without altering the simplicity of the current controls.

nba live mobile gameplay

Graphics Are Amazing for a Mobile Game

The graphics are also stunning for a mobile game. The character details are on point as far as describing and simulating the real NBA players when they are on the court.

Ultimate Team Mode Gives More Dimension to the Game

Instead of playing games repeatedly, the Ultimate Team mode gives another dimension to game. The game mode helps gamers in earning NBA coins to get their favorite NBA stars into their own version of a super team.

Offensive and Defensive Sets

Amazingly, the game also has several offensive and defensive sets that the current NBA teams employ. This can either give gamers more challenge when cutting to the hoop, or a harder time digging themselves out of the hole with AI teams using contender-level offensive sets.

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Resource management and clan wars in Clash of Clans

clash of clans hack

Clash of Clans: The Casual Game for the RTS Nerds

Supercell does know how to deliver games that are perfect for the masses. Ever since its founding back in June 2010, Supercell has garnered a lot of accolades and a steady flow of cash for churning out great casual gaming titles that are suitable for killing time without having to be immersed in them too much (unless one is willing to become a hardcore gamer who is dedicated to unlocking the secrets).

Hardcore gamers usually try the hard way of the game. They spend a lot of time in-game while building their perfect defense. Most of the people, don’t do that. They want to enjoy the game as much as possible and so, they use a Clash of Clans Hack that generates resources for them. Unlimited coins, gems and elixir is the key for a happy Clash of Clans run.

Whether it is with managing a farm left behind by the uncle, defending the archipelago from the Blackguard, or simply smashing the heck out of towers thanks to the cohesive strategic plan composed of the right cards, the Finnish gaming company does not disappoint. In fact, the gaming titles have earned millions of dollars every single day, with players willing to churn out money just to get what they really need.

Part of the success story is in relation to the popular casual game known as Clash of Clans. Ever since its first release back in August 2012 for the iOS platform, with the Android devices following suit last October 2013, Clash of Clans is the highest-grossing game positioned under the Supercell handle.

But in case one wonders on how the hell the game ends up being popular with millions of users logging in almost every single day, here are some of the nifty features that are worth taking a gander for the players willing to take the plunge:

Resource Management

In the game, one has the gold and the elixirs as part of the resource pile. With the proper management of gold coins as well as the elixirs, one will be able to buy buildings and troops, as well as to upgrade them. More importantly, there are gems that one can obtain through real money, or simply when obtaining accomplishments as well as to crush down the obstacles. Gems can be used mainly to speed up the processes.

clash of clans astuces

Wide Selection of Deployments

With the correct amount of gold and elixir at one’s disposal, one can choose from the correct selection of defensive structures to guard the turf, as well as troops to form the raiding army for the sake of obtaining extra gold and elixirs.

Also included in the choices are the heroes that have higher stats than the others but require a specific building in order to commence on training them. As of the current update, the game has three heroes: the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen, and the Grand Warden.

Clan Wars

This feature has been incorporated into the game ever since the version 6.56.1 update. Players can converge to form clans and to face off against each other in a battle royale that lasts for almost two days. Prior to the actual war, clan members can donate troops as well as scout the opposing clan’s base for some reconnoitering.  Once the preparations are done, then it’s on.

Clans that win after the event will receive sweet rewards. Plus, clan experience points can be obtained for the clan to level up and to receive new perks.

Basically, there is a smorgasbord of activities to do when playing Clash of Clans. Whether it is during a short break from work or even to just satiate the need for the RTS gaming fix, one will end up getting hooked on the game for a long time if the goal is to be the best.

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Hacking Vikings: War of Clans – tips and strategies


Hacking or cheating in mobile games is quite common nowadays and MMOs like Vikings: War of Clans is no exception. Although these hacks can give you that extra advantage, they also used to have repercussions, but not anymore, the new generation of hacks are pretty safe. So before thinking of hacking in order to get unlimited resources, here are things that you should do and what you should avoid. I’ll show you some reliable Vikings: War of Clans cheats later on in the article.

What not to do

There are lots of scammers out there who prey on unsuspecting mobile game players. One common scheme is the promise of having unlimited resources through the use of resource generators. Resource generators are software that are supposed to give you vast amounts of gold and gems without spending money. In return, they would ask for your personal information.

Resource generators do not always work because game developers are constantly watching over these illegal activities. If you do get a successful hack, chances are it would be taken down sooner or later. But there are exception, one such exception is this Vikings: War of Clans hack.

Watchtowers and other legal hacks

Using the Watchtower is the one thing that most people overlook when playing Vikings: War of Clans. A lot of people don’t realize that there is a prize when the farm has been depleted. When you reach level 21 you get to weaken any attacker by 10 percent. Obviously, when you’re talking about the Math, decreasing somebody’s overall attack by 10 percent is massive; it is way more than those stupid boosts that you’ll get from a gem for 10. You’ll get a bonus for this, and there’s another one that you’ll get from the Watchtower.


The Hero Skill Tree

Hero skills are divided into 2 sides, the right tree, and the left tree. The right side is for combat and training skills, while the left is for resource or building and farming skills. Do only one side at a time – either go up the combat side or the resource side. This would cost some of your clan points but it is definitely worth just maximizing your amount of attack that you have or during off-times maximizing the number of resources you’re gathering.

A little help from your friends

This will take a little teamwork to succeed. You need to find somebody who is willing to do this for you. What you’ll do is you talk somebody from a higher level who has a lot of invader boosts. For example, if you just barely hit invader 3 or invader 4, you need to have somebody that has a lot more attack value. He will bring down these invaders for you and then you finish them off so you can get that huge boost of 6 or 7 items. That, if you’re not already using the Vikings: War of Clans hack and you are able to take down anyone.


Game hacks are essential if you’re serious about getting things done much faster when you’re playing mobile games like Vikings: War of Clans. However, you need to be careful not to share your personal information in exchange for free resources.

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Play Clash of Clans in a different way, a new game called Clash Royale

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale was also developed by Supercell company. Clash Royale is inspired from Clash of Clans game but it comes with a different idea of game. You will do not build buildings anymore, but you have to collect and building cards. With those cards you will become better and stronger. One thing that is quite the same as in Clash of Clans is that you will play against another player but it is called a duel and it is in real time.

It is available only since 4 th January 2016 and you can play it on Android or iOS. You can download it and play it for free! But, we ask parents to keep an eye at their child because only children that are at least 13 can play Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale you will meet your favorite Clash of Clans characters. To be able to fight with another player you have to enter the arena. Before entering try to get more cards (tip: get them faster by generating unlimited resources through one of the many published Clash Royale hacks). What we recommend is: https://fr.hivegaming.net (for french players).

Arena mode, win chests

clash royale chests

When you start playing in the arena you need to understand that you need a great strategy. In the beginning, you can play some fights to understand how the game is, but a great gamer will understand it from the beginning! And a greater one already knows they can trick the game by using a Clash Royale hack to their advantage.

During your play, you can win some chests. These chests can contain many rewards for you from cheap ones to expensive ones. You can win also cards or upgrades to the existing ones. You win chests when you also win the battle. Your chests are different: silver, golden, magical, giant or super magical. The Super Magical one contains the most expensive rewards and also the most wanted. It is very rare, so enjoy it when you receive it!

Each gamer has available only 4 slots for chests. You can have fulfilled them all, but if you win the battle you can’t have the change to receive another chest.

You can also win gems from free chest and also from crown chest.

Free Chests are received by you at every 4 hours. But, the number of gems contained is a little one: 2 gems. Come at each 4 hours and check your game and collect your chest. You can also wait 8 hours till cu come back to game to collect your chest, and you will have two of them. But, if you let the time passes over 8 hours your free chests will be stacked at 2. But also why would you waste your time when you can bypass all of this by simply accessing a Clash Royale hack online? Go here for it: https://de.hivegaming.net (for german players).

Crows and rankings

At each battle you can win a crowns. When you won 10 crowns you will receive a crown chest. You will receive more thing than when you win Gold or a Free one.

Clash Royale is a strategic game and you need to collect your chests on time because the more chests you collect the more rewards you will receive and you need a lot of gems, cards and other things to have a good time in-game.  You can also get this timing thing off your chest if you access Clash Royale astuces and get what you need.

Clash Royale is almost as popular as Clash of Clans because Supercell Company knows how to attract gamers to play their games. They are very popular and each gamer wants to play Clash Royale once he played Clash of Clans.

In a short time we will have available many articles about Clash Royale gameplay and cards.

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The Banner Saga 2 – PC Game Review

A new perspective in games

The Banner Saga is a game that has changed my life through and through. Ever since I delved into the madness of this game, I learnt to choose carefully in my real life. As I started relating the game’s story with our real world situations, it became more and more difficult to keep away from it.

The Banner Saga 2, on the other hand, is a fantasy world, beautiful, white. Developer Stoic’s pretty wonderland has been inspired from the incredible Eyvind Earle and has a hand- drawn aesthetic. However, the cruel twist in the story is that, thus fantasy world is as devastating as a notice of bankruptcy in a funeral home.

It would thake you a few moments before you realise how cruelly you have been exposed to the truth. This powerful sequence has many turn-based tactical battles, themed on the apocalypse. However, unlike the original, the sequel’s characters and settings inculcate it with extra liveliness. The stakes of this game get higher as you slowly discover what you are losing as the world breaks down. The visual descriptions are very powerful and engrossing.

the banner saga gameplay

Sequels – best way to keep a francise

The sequel also has a handy option Steam cave files from the previous game in order to ensure that your choices in the previous game is not among the casualties. You can choose if you want to play the game as Rook or his daughter Alette; therefore, making the choices in the beginning of the game is very important. In case you haven’t played the first game, I would strongly suggest you to first play the fantastic original to feel the pulse of the game properly, and then go for the sequel. Though the sequel is equipped with a recap cut scene (which is again a good refresher, taking you back to the old world), it is hardly a substitute to playing the originals and feeling the thrill of it. In case you’re not happy with the choices you’ve made there is also an option that allows you to preset the world states so that you can play as either Rook or Alette.

Though both Rook and Alette are too charitable for their world, Alette emerges as the more powerful and therefore more interesting hero. Rook’s past events had left him uncontrollably reckless, getting suicidal at times. With difficulties of time, once a hunter becomes a victim of psychological misbalance, making impulsive and rash mistakes. On the other hand Alette, who is his daughter and fellow archer, acts like his counterpart? Alette emerges as a more thoughtful and balanced, therefore more powerful hero and greatly colours the journey as the story arcs wind up and down.

The saga is more like chronicle of Alette’s evolution from a young and inexperienced daughter to the leader in the face of doubts.

banner saga pc review

The most amazing part is that Stoic took an incredibly race step of designing the choices in a way that would affect the game more than just lines of dialogue. It creates an unique scenario in the game when Rook, like a mad man drowned in hatred and pain, runs off to a new part of the strategic gridded map, that is far away from all his companions and acquaintances.

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