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Play Clash of Clans in a different way, a new game called Clash Royale

clash royale release

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale was also developed by Supercell company. Clash Royale is inspired from Clash of Clans game but it comes with a different idea of game. You will do not build buildings anymore, but you have to collect and building cards. With those cards you will become better and stronger. One thing that is quite the same as in Clash of Clans is that you will play against another player but it is called a duel and it is in real time.

It is available only since 4 th January 2016 and you can play it on Android or iOS. You can download it and play it for free! But, we ask parents to keep an eye at their child because only children that are at least 13 can play Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale you will meet your favorite Clash of Clans characters. To be able to fight with another player you have to enter the arena. Before entering try to get more cards (tip: get them faster by generating unlimited resources through one of the many published Clash Royale hacks).

Arena mode, win chests

clash royale chests

When you start playing in the arena you need to understand that you need a great strategy. In the beginning, you can play some fights to understand how the game is, but a great gamer will understand it from the beginning! And a greater one already knows they can trick the game by using a Clash Royale hack to their advantage.

During your play, you can win some chests. These chests can contain many rewards for you from cheap ones to expensive ones. You can win also cards or upgrades to the existing ones. You win chests when you also win the battle. Your chests are different: silver, golden, magical, giant or super magical. The Super Magical one contains the most expensive rewards and also the most wanted. It is very rare, so enjoy it when you receive it!

Each gamer has available only 4 slots for chests. You can have fulfilled them all, but if you win the battle you can’t have the change to receive another chest.

You can also win gems from free chest and also from crown chest.

Free Chests are received by you at every 4 hours. But, the number of gems contained is a little one: 2 gems. Come at each 4 hours and check your game and collect your chest. You can also wait 8 hours till cu come back to game to collect your chest, and you will have two of them. But, if you let the time passes over 8 hours your free chests will be stacked at 2. But also why would you waste your time when you can bypass all of this by simply accessing a Clash Royale hack online?

Crows and rankings

At each battle you can win a crowns. When you won 10 crowns you will receive a crown chest. You will receive more thing than when you win Gold or a Free one.

Clash Royale is a strategic game and you need to collect your chests on time because the more chests you collect the more rewards you will receive and you need a lot of gems, cards and other things to have a good time in-game.  You can also get this timing thing off your chest if you access Clash Royale astuces and get what you need.

Clash Royale is almost as popular as Clash of Clans because Supercell Company knows how to attract gamers to play their games. They are very popular and each gamer wants to play Clash Royale once he played Clash of Clans.

In a short time we will have available many articles about Clash Royale gameplay and cards.

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The Banner Saga 2 – PC Game Review

the banner saga

A new perspective in games

The Banner Saga is a game that has changed my life through and through. Ever since I delved into the madness of this game, I learnt to choose carefully in my real life. As I started relating the game’s story with our real world situations, it became more and more difficult to keep away from it.

The Banner Saga 2, on the other hand, is a fantasy world, beautiful, white. Developer Stoic’s pretty wonderland has been inspired from the incredible Eyvind Earle and has a hand- drawn aesthetic. However, the cruel twist in the story is that, thus fantasy world is as devastating as a notice of bankruptcy in a funeral home.

It would thake you a few moments before you realise how cruelly you have been exposed to the truth. This powerful sequence has many turn-based tactical battles, themed on the apocalypse. However, unlike the original, the sequel’s characters and settings inculcate it with extra liveliness. The stakes of this game get higher as you slowly discover what you are losing as the world breaks down. The visual descriptions are very powerful and engrossing.

the banner saga gameplay

Sequels – best way to keep a francise

The sequel also has a handy option Steam cave files from the previous game in order to ensure that your choices in the previous game is not among the casualties. You can choose if you want to play the game as Rook or his daughter Alette; therefore, making the choices in the beginning of the game is very important. In case you haven’t played the first game, I would strongly suggest you to first play the fantastic original to feel the pulse of the game properly, and then go for the sequel. Though the sequel is equipped with a recap cut scene (which is again a good refresher, taking you back to the old world), it is hardly a substitute to playing the originals and feeling the thrill of it. In case you’re not happy with the choices you’ve made there is also an option that allows you to preset the world states so that you can play as either Rook or Alette.

Though both Rook and Alette are too charitable for their world, Alette emerges as the more powerful and therefore more interesting hero. Rook’s past events had left him uncontrollably reckless, getting suicidal at times. With difficulties of time, once a hunter becomes a victim of psychological misbalance, making impulsive and rash mistakes. On the other hand Alette, who is his daughter and fellow archer, acts like his counterpart? Alette emerges as a more thoughtful and balanced, therefore more powerful hero and greatly colours the journey as the story arcs wind up and down.

The saga is more like chronicle of Alette’s evolution from a young and inexperienced daughter to the leader in the face of doubts.

banner saga pc review

The most amazing part is that Stoic took an incredibly race step of designing the choices in a way that would affect the game more than just lines of dialogue. It creates an unique scenario in the game when Rook, like a mad man drowned in hatred and pain, runs off to a new part of the strategic gridded map, that is far away from all his companions and acquaintances.

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